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See below our satisfied clients.

Clouds and Sunset

Sarah S.

Alana is extremely gifted at what she does. She has channeled for me a couple times and I’ve seen her channel for several people I know and she’s always on point. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking Spiritual guidance. 

Katie W.

Alana is amazing. She has helped me in so many ways. She has helped encourage me to understand my personal strengths and helped me through my healing journey. She is the real deal!! Can’t wait for our next session!!

Elizabeth P.

Alana's channeled messages always bring clarity and joy when I receive them. They are very accurate and always in line with what I am going through at the time. When I feel stuck her channeled messages always help guide the way for me to take the net step. Thank you so much for the amazing messages from my guides!

Kate W.

I received etheric healing from Alana for sciatic nerve pain. She was able to adjust my lower spine in psychic space and wow! I was blown away by how much better I felt, it was truly noticeable! If you are open to a spiritual approach to your physical health, I couldn't recommend Alana enough!

Dave H.

I injured my knee during dead lifts the swelling and pain was intense, I tried PT, orthopedic shots, and R&R but nothing helped. As a side effect I was on crutches for almost a year. Then one session of etheral healing and I could walk without my crutches!

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