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Our Approach

My name is Alana. For the longest time, I have allowed my life to be determined by labels. The label as a child, best friend, student, mother, stepmom, wife, employee, and now the labels look more like energy healer, reiki practitioner, intuitive healer, psychic, clairvoyant, spiritual and mindset coach, and so on. These labels make me feel restricted. I feel I have to define myself to allow others to understand me and what I represent. The problem with labels is they don’t truly define who or what we are. As we progress into more of our true selves and seek the truth to the answers of the universe, we start to realize that labels are truly nonexistent.

Escaping the bonds of the limits we place on ourselves as human beings ends here. At URWorthy of Healing, we strive to allow our patients to truly experience what freedom is by releasing the limits of the mind, body, and spirit. We help our clients succeed by healing these parts of you that make up your true essence. We use a combination of different healing modalities to help you with your healing journey. Each one helps in different ways and furthers your progress to wellness and enlightenment

Removing the limits of time and space is also part of our process. We are capable of helping our patients remotely by video conferencing or remote viewing. Our most popular healing modality is etheric body healing, which allows the healer to remove trapped energy that could be causing an illness or ailment. We also offer Reiki, a Japanese technique that helps promote healing by reducing stress and providing relaxation. If neither of these healing modalities is what you're looking for, we offer mindset shift counseling and channeled messages from the Divine to help you heal on a deeper level.

At URWorthyOfHealing, we believe that every individual is unique so we offer customized treatments tailored to your needs. We combine various techniques and modalities to provide you with a holistic healing experience. Our approach is centered around creating a safe and nurturing environment where you can let go of your physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages. Our treatments are designed to help you release negative energies and emotions, balance your chakras, and activate your body's innate healing abilities. We believe that healing is a journey, and our goal is to support you every step of the way. Book a session with us today and experience the transformative power of alternative healing therapies.

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